"Integral to our SHIP REPAIR services is our effective and efficiently working engineering personnel. Skilled personnel – engineers and mechanics with shipyard and sea going experience; technicians trained at the manufacturers’ factories for quick trouble shooting, problem solving and on board repairs + our known dependability & max. flexibity has been a proven combination for successful results over the years." 

Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Oellrich, CEng (unlimited Steam & Motor) & European Welding Engineer (EWE))

Pipe & Steel Works

We provide repair and renewal of deteriorated or damaged steel structures to include bulkheads, internal framing and supports, tanks, voids underwater and freeboard hull plating, foundations and sub-assemblies.

Our certified Welding Engineers (EWE) and class certified welders make us the company of choice for marine pipe fitting, welding and fabrication services. Many well established & well known shipping companies count on our experienced and knowledgeable management team and skilled workforce to provide safety, quality and on time delivery of services.

Mechanical Repairs

  • Running Repair and Conversion Works of Hull & Machinery.
  • Inspection, adjustment and repair of ships machinery like Main Engine, Turbocharger, Generator Engine, Auxiliary Boiler, Pumps, Separators, Steering Gear, Oily Water Separator, Cranes, Davits, Deck Equipment etc. General Preparation and Proxy of Class Survey , Overhauling, Reconditioning and Exchange of Ship’s Parts, Diesel engine repairs and maintenance is the core service of Panmax Marine Services.
  • Routine maintenance, trouble shooting and repairs on the major makes of main and auxiliary engines is our specialty.

Electrical Repairs

We have a wide range of skills in this department to service the needs of the marine industry. Rewinding of Motors and generators, Overhaul of Motors and generators, Balancing of rotors and impellors, Re-sleeving and machining of motor end shields and bearing journals, General installation work (i.e. running of cables, fitting units and multi cable transits), Shore supply and generator hire, Cleaning of Switchboards, Supply of personnel for Off Port Limits and riding crew work, Repairs to cranes & davits and other lifting equipment, Fault finding and repair mooring winches & capstans.

Load and NDT/UTM Testing 

Crane, Davit & Gangway load test up to 50MT with certified/calibrated dynamometer at any port or anchorage in Panama. Class approved NDT & UTM Test at Panama, Colombia and underway.  


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